Monday, October 11, 2010

How to make carbon paper

How to Make White Carbon Paper

I want to do this! What's This?

If you need white carbon paper and find yourself without any, don't panic. With some paper and chalk, you can follow a few simple steps to make your own. In addition to being easy to do, making your own carbon paper also saves money. Children can also perform this task with little effort, and the paper can be used over and over.
Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need:

    * White chalk
    * Plain paper

     1. Place a piece of plain white paper onto your work surface.

     2. Hold the edge of the paper securely with the tips of your fingers so it doesn't slide around.

    3.  Lay a stick of white chalk on its long side at the top of the paper. Press firmly and pull the chalk across the paper, allowing the chalk to create a film onto the paper.

    4. Continue dragging the chalk across the paper until the paper is covered with it. Tip the paper over a trash receptacle and gently tap the edge of the paper to remove any loose chalk.

    5.  Place the paper back onto the surface and drag the chalk across the chalked surface in the opposite direction so the paper is completely filled. Tap the paper over the trash bin again to remove any loose debris.

     6. Transfer your pattern onto a surface by simply laying the chalked side of the paper face down onto the surface and using a pencil to draw the lines. When you lift the paper, the chalk will have made the outlines you need.

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